it's bigger than ticketing, media & merch. it's packages of all three, it's for fans, all the time.

Since 1981 we have designed and built software solutions for all of the sources of revenue to the artist.
A majority are driven by fan purchases and fall into 5 main products or services.
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Ticketing Sales

Ticketing/touring sales traditionally controlled via ticket companies and venues.

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Merchandising or sales of artist’s likeness at events or in retail.

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Royalties or media sales traditionally controlled by record companies and retail sellers.

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Publishing or use of songs traditionally controlled by advertising and record companies.


The cheapest to the fan while being most profitable to the artist.

We have been focused on this process since we acquired in 1995.
DIRECT to FAN is now an industry accepted term.

The benefits to the fan is the most offers for products and services at the cheapest prices available directly from their favorite artists, athletes, actors. The benefit to the artist (or content creator/owner) is direct knowledge of the fans and delivering the goods the quickest and most profitably. The hidden value is the data exchanged, no longer are fans hidden by the ticket company for live event fans or the media fans hidden by the record company or music distributor. The artist connects directly to their fans and the fans are enticed by direct messaging from their favorite artists, sports, TV and movie, game or any type of celebrity heroes.

Best DIRECT to FAN example is FAN CLUBS

But the best kept secret was a “direct to fan” methodology called FAN CLUBS, which started as direct mail with postage stamps back in the good old days when 100,000 fans sent in $10 and a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) every year. Our first of OVER 100 FAN CLUBS was for Journey (1982), then U2 (1985) and Pearl Jam (1995) followed.

In addition to fan clubs we are best known for our touring and ticketing systems and cover each segment of that revenue stream as the dollars are split along the way.
Artists (or sports member)
Business and/or Personal manager
Agent (the seller)
Promoter (the buyer)
The Venue (rented place to play)
The ticketing company (who collects the money and fan data)
The FANS (fan clubs – our favorite DIRECT to FAN channel)


BREAKING a BAND in the INTERNET AGE is a book dedicated to this direct to fan process diagramming the revenue flows an artist needs to manage. It is complete with example budgets and actual tracking forms. The book is free. Written by, the founder of FoxMan